Some U.S. Bound Air Travelers Will Have To Power Up Cell Phones To Get Past Security


cell-phonePassengers headed to the United States can expect to encounter tighter security. The move comes amid the growing threat of terrorists sneaking a new type of bomb onto a flight.

As CBS 2′s Don Champion reported, the security increase could have a big impact on your phone.

Enhanced measures that have come in the thick of the busy summer travel season mean that passengers flying to the U.S. will have to show screeners their cell phones and other electronic devices actually work.

Just days ago the Department of Homeland Security ordered stepped up security at certain airports overseas. The electronic devices of some U.S. bound passengers will now be checked.

“Listen it’s a priority. I’d rather be safe than sorry,” one traveler at Newark Airport said.

The increased scrutiny came amid concerns that terrorist groups in Syria and Yemen might try to sneak undetectable, non-metallic bombs onto U.S. bound flights.

In response, the TSA has required passengers at certain airports overseas to show screeners that their electronics actually turn on and off.

In an alert to passengers, the TSA said that powerless devices won’t be allowed onto aircraft.

“Powerless devices will not be permitted onboard the aircraft. The traveler may also undergo additional screening,” the alert said.

Read more at CBS NEW YORK.

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