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avi-solomonDear Editor,

This past week I have received numerous e-mails and personal words of support after The Voice, a local magazine in Lakewood, granted Assemblymen Joe Malone and Ronald Dancer free positive publicity. The outrage that people expressed to me was that The Voice didn’t grant me the right to argue my case for voters of Lakewood to elect me this June 2nd in the Republican Primary election.

I have no hard feelings that Malone and Dancer did the interview. They are fighting for votes just like me and the media is the best tool to use. I don’t even resent the fact that The Voice didn’t grant me equal air time. A paper or magazine has the right to interview and publicize whomever and whatever they want. The way I see it, MSNBC is the mouthpiece for President Obama and The Voice wants to be the mouthpiece for Malone and Dancer. That is how journalism works.

he problem I have with the expose that The Voice wrote on Malone and Dancer is that it demonstrated poor journalism like never before.  The article didn’t challenge Malone or Dancer at all. The Voice was too busy singing the praises of Malone and Dancer’s accomplishments to question the two whether they take any responsibility for NJ’s current dreadful situation.

One huge segment of the article was solely dedicated to Malone and Dancer bragging about all the governmental programs that they brought to Lakewood. If I was conducting the interview, I would have followed up with the question, “Then why aren’t you two running in the Democratic Primary?” The Democrats run on the campaign theme of “vote for us and we’ll give you free stuff.” Republicans believe in lower taxes and encouraging the hard working American. My suggestion to The Voice is to offer Malone and Dancer free advertisement in their magazine. I assure you that free advertisement would be a much better way of serving the current Assemblymen than writing propaganda articles for them.

I make my appeal once more. If you want to vote for the politicians who have currently bankrupted NJ and take no responsibility, then vote for Malone and Dancer. I am running on lower taxes and fighting the problem of illegal immigrants in NJ. I am running on fighting corruption. I am running on the concept of equal representation for all groups within the 30th district. If anyone who is reading this article believes in this, then please vote for Avi Solomon on June 2nd.

Avi Solomon

{The views expressed above are those of the writer only. They do not necessarily represent the views of}


  1. You got my vote ! ALL INCUMBENTS OUT ! If you can’t lower taxes after getting a chance, then step aside and let the next guy try. After a few elections, the politicians will get the hint. Enough is enough ! Joe, we don’t care if you got into your pickup truck to rake your leaves – LOWER OUR TAXES NOW !!!

  2. As a long time Lakewooder, you’ve got my vote. The incumbents have had more than their chance, and things have gone from bad to worse under their watch.

  3. why are you even posting this guys letters? i dont necessarily agree with malone and dancer but this guy’s letter is no better

  4. Glatekup, why shouldn’t they post Solomon’s letters? He is entitled to his opinion like anyone else. And since he is a frum person living in Lakewood and running for assembly, I agree that he should have received a phone call and at least offered the opporunity to give his opinion. Interviewing Malone and Dancer and making believe like Solomon doesn’t exist is arrogant and worse than that. I love these people like glatekup who feel that only the people they agree with are antitled to have their opinions publicized and disseminated.

  5. A message to the Yeshiva, the Vaad, and all of the politicians – Our allegiance to Yeshiva is only transcended by our need to survive. This situation cannot continue. We are all suffocating and we will no longer listen to your endorsements. If the politicians are reading this, know that your power lies in the people and not our representatives who endorse you. If you don’t want to learn the hard way, LOWER OUR TAXES NOW !

  6. raboisay, a vote for salamon is merely a vote for the lkwd shopper and reb yankel wenger- cuz all salamon has to show for himself is some briliant articles in the shopper. enough said? undeestand why the voice is undermining him?

  7. united we stand behind the lakewood shopper, their editorial staff, and all ”unzere” politicians that they endorse. I respectfully argue with salamon and believe the voice interview was jounalism par excallence

  8. The fron page articles in the voice are really paid advertorials. If they would only have the integrity to admit that.

  9. The voice did a great interview with our current longtime assemblymen and need not do so with other candidates. Without rushing to judge their motive, let us remember that Mr. Salmon is a writer for The Lakewood Shopper. Enough said?

  10. Sorry that I must repeat this again. A Federal Judge in the know said to uproot coruption “don’t for for an incumbent”. That does not mean every other candidate is the right one to vote for. But yes, Lakewood taxpayers are being taken to the cleaners by ALL of the political machers.

  11. instead of attacking the voice, mr. salamon should utilize his colomn in the shopper to rebute the issues. thank you reb yankel wenger for giving us the’ask salamon’ colomn every week

  12. I’m inclined to vote for you too, but how will you take care of the immigration problem; it sounds from the article in The Voice that it’s not so simple

  13. The only way to change the status quo in the state legislature is to vote the despicable democrats (Corzine and Co.) out of office. The way to do that is by supporting candidates who actually have a chance of winning. Put in a Republican majority and give them the chance to turn things around. If they don’t, then vote them out.
    BTY Avi, there’s something called freedom of the press. The Noise has a right to interview whomever they choose. (Nobody stops your friends at the the Hocker from printing the absolute nonsense they print, so don’t try to silence their competition.)Wanting to limit freedom of the press makes you no better than the twit in the White House who isn’t able to come to grips with the fact that there are actually some folks out there who DON”T like him.

  14. Avi ill offer a job in the white house!! Ur good at it!! Let’s do this together I always promised thing but now can’t figure out how to keep them maybe you can help me figure it out!!!

  15. there is no way mr.salamon can win the general election- so why support him in the primary and give a free pass to the democrat!!!??

  16. Again, Solomon seems like a nice fellow, but does anyone who’s read his essays and make-believe interviews in the Shopper think he has what it takes to be a State Assemblyman? No disrespect, but one does have to have a certain amount of intelligence, judgment, analytical thinking ability, political finesse and a mature vision to get us to a better place than where Corzine and the rest of the tax and spend gang have got us. This is a little like a joke candidacy, with someone totally unqualified throwing his hat in the ring to get more attention for his column.

    If people here are really taking his candidacy seriously, they really need a lot of help. Hashem Yiracheim.

  17. I find it ironic that Mr. Solomon is using this website to berate The Voice for granting Malone and Dancer the right to speak their voice. In recent weeks, there have been numerous articles by Mr. Solomon posted on this website where he gets free air time to make his case. One column about the Tomchei Shabbos warehouse and Bob Singer was such nonsense (no surprise) that Mr. Solomon himself had to issue a retraction.

    Did anyone see give Malone, Dancer, or Singer a chance make their case? I didn’t.

    For all you commenters complaining that Malone and Dancer didn’t explain why they couldn’t accomplish their agenda after being in office so many years, just read the article for G-D’s sake!

    The Democrats have had full control of the governorship and the legislature since 2002. The Democrats have a 48-32 majority in the Assembly.

    Avi, when you’re in the minority party in real government, you can’t do whatever you want. Avi’s failure to grasp this basic concept, is only proof that he may still need a couple of years before running for governmental office.

  18. If you folks think you got it bad in Lakewood- come up north to Passaic- our “frum” politicians are in office for 10 years and we have not seen the promised tax breaks yet- I vote for no one!


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