Soda Cans Are Still a Sakana


sodaThe Five Towns Jewish Times reports: It was a remarkable Thanksgiving Weekend convention, filled with new chiddushim and a discussion of dangers to the nation. No, we are not discussing the Agudah Convention. This was the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, who had their convention in Chicago this past weekend.What was one of topics under discussion? Older 5TJT readers will remember the old soda cans that were around thirty years ago with the pull off tabs. They were changed on account of the fact that sometimes kids swallowed the tabs after they were put into the can and also because people littered with them, throwing the tabs onto the street or sidewalk.

Dr. Lane Donnelly, the director of Biodiagnostics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital made a presentation where he demonstrated that the redesign still is not perfect. He presented 19 cases in Cincinnati alone where people still ingested the new tabs. A large problem is that the tabs do not regularly show up clearly on X-rays either. Only
20% of the time can it be clearly seen.

The soda can manufacturers must redesign.

{Larry Gordon’s Five Town’s Jewish Times}

{ Newscenter}


  1. The newer tabs minimize the amount of stray pieces – a good thing. They were ingested because they were in the can or on the street – both places where they should not have been. Maybe we should use a can opener! Maybe we should ban soda entirely – the bottles’ caps are choking hazards too! Ridiculous.

  2. UI was at the Agudah Convention and I am reporting that Boruch Hashem, there were of people were at the convention all drinking Coke, Sprite ect. NOT from those “dangerous” cans but from those “dangerous” bottles. It was an amazing event . . . with pleanty to drink!!!

    (They even had WATER!!! Tons of WATER!!!)


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