Snowfall in Yerushalayim


snow-yerushalayimThe residents of Yerushalayim are bracing themselves for snowfall tomorrow morning. Temperatures in Yerushalayim are dropping significantly, reports the Israeli Meteorological Department. School closings are quite possible, with decisions likely to made by administrators in the morning. The heaviest snow is expected in Israel’s mountainous areas.

Mayor Nir Barkat met with officials to discuss readiness for the snowstorm and dozens of municipal vehicles capable of plowing snow are ready for work should they be needed.

Mayor Barkat has placed a priority on ensuring the drivability of the city’s main roads and the primary arteries from the various Yerushalayim neighborhoods to local hospitals. Salt will be spread on various roads in the city.

Yerushalayim residents should note that the 106 number Yerushalayim’s municipality will be available for assistance.

{Yair Israel}


  1. …and where I live (Washington DC area), we’re supposed to get 12 – 20 inches (30 – 50 cm) of snow over Shabbos…on top of the 4 – 6 inches already on the ground.

    And the 3rd of Shevat wasn’t even on a Friday this year!

    Forget global warming: Eish u’varad, sheleg vekitor, ru’ach se’ara osah Devaro.

  2. “And the 3rd of Shevat wasnÂ’t even on a Friday this year!”

    Please excuse my ignorance, but would you mind explaining the connection to me, please?

  3. #1

    Anecdotal evidence (“It snowed in such and such a place and therefore there’s no global warming”) is not a logical argument. All that you’ve proved is that it’s cold in the winter (wow!) Nobody has argued that Global Warming is so intense that it will never get cold again. You’ve distorted the argument and used it as a straw man.

    What matters is long-term trends. Take a look at average temperatures for the past 100 years if you want some proof.


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