Shuvu NachasGram: Mesibas Siddur, Shuvu Rechovot



27 precious boys and girls receiving their very first Siddurim.


Fathers’ and mothers’ eyes glued to their child, each beaming with pride.


Following Divrei Chizuk from Rav Kellner, the children

each kissed a Sefer Torah in the open Aron Kodesh.


The delicate voices of six year olds recite the first Possuk in Parshat Vayikra.


Songs of connection sang passionately, expressing their youthful aspiration for a relationship with Hakadosh Baruch Hu.


Mrs. Brocha Weinberger’s remarks about Shuvu not just giving siddurim, but rather returning them to these families who did not have the fortune of having a Mesibat Siddur in the previous generation.


Netilat Yadayim cup decorated together as a family.


One father conveyed that despite having a 19 and 15 year old, he was blown away, never having been as emotional as he was at this Mesiba. He cannot fully comprehend, but he was shaking and this did something to him.


Another mother cried through the entire three hour event

out of sheer joy and pleasure.


For each and every person there. Students, parents, teachers and faculty alike.

Mesibat Siddur Rechovot from Joseph on Vimeo.

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Shuvu is now celebrating its 25th Anniversary since its founding in 1990 by Horav Avrohom Pam zt”l. Over that period there have been many challenges to overcome, but, also a tremendous amount of nachas as we see Rav Pam’s dreams being fulfilled. is proud to present a series of nachas stories told in first person by the participant themselves so that you can see for yourself what Shuvu has been able to accomplish with your help. 

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