Shuvu Nachas Gram: Stav Naftalovich of Shuvu Bat Yam


stav naftolovichBy Stav Naftalovich, Shuvu Bat Yam

My Bat Mitzvah party was awesome. I had my entire extended family, neighbors, and nearly all my friends there. The Glatt Kosher food and Jewish music were over the top. I even recorded a song that I composed thanking my parents, Hashem, and everybody else. It was also a time that I really matured and made decisions that define me as the religious girl I want to be. Even now, 9 months later, I am still on a high from it.

Abba and Ima are divorced. Abba used to give me a very hard time about keeping the Mitzvot I learn about at my school, Shuvu Bat Yam. Before the Bat Mitzvah party, I insisted that he take me all the way to B’nei Brak to buy my dress. I needed to make sure that it would be completely Tzniut. He was not very happy with that, but acquiesced just so I would be satisfied on my big day. At my Bat Mitzvah party, though, he was so impressed by the way me and my classmates behaved and interacted, that he mellowed significantly.

Ima just finished treatment for cancer and is still quite weak and frail physically, which is why she was not the one to take me shopping for my dress. She is very supportive of my education in Shuvu and was just praying that they open a high school in time for me to attend. With Hashem’s help, Shuvu did open a high school in Bat Yam this year!

We live with Ima’s parents. Saba Isaac, whom I’m extraordinarily close with decided to join me in keeping Shabbat and Mitzvot. I teach him everything we learn about in school. We help each other along and do a lot of Mitzvot in the Z’chut that Ima (Liza bat Yaffa) should have a quick Refuah Shelaima.

Shuvu is now celebrating its 25th Anniversary since its founding in 1990 by Horav Avrohom Pam zt”l. Over that period there have been many challenges to overcome, but, also a tremendous amount of nachas as we see Rav Pam’s dreams being fulfilled. is proud to present a series of nachas stories told in first person by the participant themselves so that you can see for yourself what Shuvu has been able to accomplish with your help. 

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