Shomer Yisroel: New Composition By Shlomo Yehudah Rechnitz in Tribute to the Abducted Israeli Teens, Featuring Uziya Tzadok


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  1. Wow! This song is amazing! What a composition! So hartzig! May this song inspire Klal Yisroel to continue storming the heavens on behalf of these precious children. And may we be zoche to the Geulah Sheleima already!!

  2. what a special yid rabbi rechnitz is!!!he just knows exactly what klal yisroel needs during their tzurus and provides exactly what they need.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. What an incredible voice little Uziya has. Amazing.
    I wish someone would add a slide show of photos of the bochurim, from childhood until now perhaps, and of the chayalim looking for them and/or the tefilla gatherings. What an awesome video that would make.


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