Shocking Security Error on El Al Flight



An El Al flight departing Ben Gurion Airport last week shockingly almost took off with no security agents on board, Arutz Sheva reports. The airliner has launched an internal investigation.

According to Channel 2, the airline’s regulations specify that a number of security agents must be on board every flight. However, for reasons still being investigated, the security agents were not informed of the location and departure time of the flight. The crew did not notice that security men were missing and the flight, which was headed toward Paris, began taxiing toward the runway ahead of takeoff. It was then that a crew member noticed that there were no security agents and the plane immediately turned back to get them.


David Steger – Israel


  1. Good for them. They showed that they’re human although they do not like admit to it!
    The fact that they turned around to get them is a welcome anecdote about the seriousness of their absolute commitment to security.


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