Video: Shlomo Hadarshan’s Message to Readers


photo1Shlomo Hadarshan, the world-renowned badchan and comedian, has sent readers a special message while impersonating former President Ronald Reagan. Shlomo Hadarshan is the host of today’s Oorah

 Gold Rush, and is impersonating famous figures in both the yeshiva world and the political arena at the top of each hour.

Oorah will be giving away GOLD every hour on the hour to 12 lucky winners.

Watch below for Shlomo Hadarshan’s special message.

To watch the live stream of the gold rush click here.

{ Newscenter}


  1. I am greatly pained by the fact that Netanyahu left open the door for painful concessions. Is he willing to sacrifice more Jewish communities! When will we learn from history? A wise man once said ” if we don’t learn history we are bound to repeat it.”


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