Shivah Info for Mishpachas Belsky


The relatives of Hagaon Rav Yisroel Belsky zt”l who accompanied the aron to Eretz Yisroel are sitting shivah in Kiryat Sefer until tomorrow morning after Shacharis, at which time they will return to New York and sit shivah at the rosh yeshiva’s home, located at 506 East 7th Street.

The address for shivah in Kiryat Sefer is Rechov Sdei Chemed 36/1.

The rosh yeshiva is survived by his wife, Rebbetzin Miriam Belsky; his siblings, Rabbi Mendel Belsky, Mrs. Bracha Eichenthal, Mrs. Tsurtie Barkin, Mrs. Malky Biegeleisen, Mrs. Ruchami Zimbal and Mrs. Laya Biron; and his children, R’ Aryeh Belsky, R’ Elimelech Belsky, R’ Avrohom Belsky, R’ Eliyohu Belsky, R’ Zvi Belsky, R’ Yaakov Binyomin Belsky, Mrs. Sara Hindy Gross, Mrs. Bleemy Cohen, Mrs. Tamar Rechnitz, Mrs. Rivka Berl, Mrs. Brocho Lehrfield, Mrs. Devora Presby, and Mrs. Penina Goldstein.



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