Shin Bet Foils Pesach Terrorist Attack in Yerushalayim


Three Palestinians believed to be planning a terrorist attack in Yerushalayim were arrested this morning, the third day of Chom Hamoed in Eretz Yisroel, Israel’s Shin Bet security agency revealed.

The suspects—ages 15, 16, and 23—are all residents of Shechem. There were arrested by a joint military, police, and Shin Bet task force in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber.

The arrests followed intelligence suggesting that the three Palestinians had boasted about planning to carry out a terrorist attack in Yerushalayim during Pesach, Israel’s Channel 10 reported. Security forces set up roadblocks around Yerushalayim ahead of the raid on the trio’s hideout in Jabel Mukaber. The Shin Bet called the raid “routine.”

Israel’s Channel 2 reported that investigators believe the three Palestinians, who were apparently waiting for a weapons delivery at the time of their arrest, were planning an attack combining firearms and explosives. Israeli security forces are on high alert nationwide during the seven-day Yom Tov, especially in Yerushalayim, where Muslim-Jewish tensions on the Har Habayis have made the holy site particularly volatile.


{ Israel}


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