Several Wounded As Attacks Continue Across Israel – Yerushalayim, Kiryat Arba, Afula


TERROR ATTACKThe recent wave of attacks continued across Israel today, when a 15-year-old chareidi boy was stabbed on Rechov Shmuel Hanavi in Yerushalayim and was lightly wounded.

The attacker was neutralized by security forces at the scene.

Kiryat Arba

Just minutes after, a 47-year-old police officer was wounded in Kiryat Arba when a suspect tried to steal his rifle and was shot by other police officers.

The incident occurred during a routine security check. The perpetrator was said to be in critical condition.

One of the policemen was lightly wounded.


Just a short while after the incident in Kiryat Arba, a female attacker was shot and seriously wounded after trying to stab a security guard at the entrance to the central bus station the northern city of Afula.


{ Israel}


  1. I am furious What in the world is the matter with people?! The whole reason for this escalation is Yidin going up to Har Habais. This is ossur anyway. How can anyone be willing to endanger himself and all of Klal Yisroel by going up there? G-d wants that?? What in the world is the matter with these people?
    This is extremely just plain stupid and worse on their part. The government should immediately prohibit any Yid from going there. Speak of incitement. This is the supreme incitement at the moment. I would never believe that any sane person could be willing to do something so insane, and it is actually insanity. It is obvious that they are harming all of us and themselves.

    ***All of us are responsible here. We must do whatever it takes to make the government absolutely prohibit going up there. Immediately. No question.***

    This is not my opinion only of course. I believe Harav Shertbach shlitoh just stated this warning, and who knows how many other responsible people understand this, but are too overwhelmed to say anything to the public.


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