Several Hundred Mishloach Manos Packages for Cancer Doctors, Hospital Staff and RCCS Patients


rccs-mishloach-manosPurim hits cancer patients very hard. When a cancer-stricken family is struggling through a life threatening illness, it is hard for them to focus on the festivities of Purim, and certainly impossible for them to properly concentrate on the sending of M’shloach Manos packages.

This past week, RCCS staff and volunteers assembled over two hundred beautiful M’shloach Manos packages (photos attached) to be delivered to doctors, nurses, and caregivers on behalf of RCCS patients, thus allowing the patients’ families the ability to express their hakaras hatov (heartfelt appreciation) to those fighting to save their loved ones life. This innovative project was graciously sponsored by the renowned home care experts, Americare CSS.

Families stricken with this dreaded disease are overwhelmed with just trying to cope with helping the patient survive; they usually don’t have time to prepare Mishloach Manos packages, hence this marvelous volunteer project, made possible by those who care about our struggling brothers and sisters.

In addition, packages were sent to leading medical oncologists by RCCS itself, as a means of thanking them for their year-long exceptional treatment of the hundreds of RCCS patients they see each year. Many of these elaborately prepared packages were assembled by volunteers from Hostess International, Oholei Torah Purim Baskets, and GiftWrapped, thus adding to the class and professionalism of each package.

And finally, as festivity and simchah permeate the air, RCCS will make certain that it spreads and reaches the many unfortunate cancer-stricken patients, as well. When your heart is so full of pain it’s really hard to “let your heart be filled with joy”. In response, over 100 additional beautiful and meaningful packages were sponsored by individual warm-hearted donors, to be delivered to the patients’ families. Nothing does the trick like a beautifully wrapped M’shloach Manos package, tied with ribbons of thoughtfulness and warmth.

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