Setback in Condition of Rabbi Liberow


zalman-liberowDespite amazing progress, Rabbi Zalman Liberow’s recovery seems to have taken a slight step backwards. The family of Rabbi Liberow, who was badly injured in a tragic accident, were somewhat disappointed to hear of a setback in his condition.

While eagerly awaiting his return to Flatbush, NY, his recovery seems to have regressed, friends of the family say.

Treated in a Pittsburgh hospital after a car crash that killed his son, the hope for a return to his family and shul this week seems to have faded away.

In the meantime, the Liberow family is struggling to maintain a normal life, sources said.

“Aside from the emotional hardship, they are dealing with great financial hardship as a result of the incapacitation of their sole breadwinner and their situation is only being exacerbated by the medical expenses and other expenses directly related to this tragedy,” said a family friend.

The family is extremely thankful to all those who have offered their help thus far, and while not yet able to thank each and every one individually, want everyone to know that their contributions are making a huge difference.

{ Newscenter}


  1. We should all keep Rabbi Shneur Zalman ben Dobrusha in our tefillos daily, may he have a refuah shelaima b’korov, b’soch shaar cholei yisroel.

  2. 2, thanks for providing a name.
    If people want to do something, a good start is to not leave this page till saying an appropriate perek of Tehillim for him.


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