Sequester Effects Not So Dire, Despite Ominous Obama Warnings


obama1Despite of the doom and gloom promised by the White House, the effects of sequestration have been moderate. The Washington Post checked in on 48 of the administration’s dire predictions of extensive breakdowns in government services and found that just 11 came to fruition and 24 failed to happen; for 13 others, it’s too soon to tell.

In large part, the pain failed to materialize because many departments found savings within their budgets (like $45 million meant to house nonexistent detainees by the Justice Department) or Congress and the administration unwound specific cuts or transferred them to lower-priority programs. Read more here.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Dream on, Washington Rag.

    Sequestration is effecting the fabric of the Government at all levels. Vital programs, especially defense programs, are being cancelled, not started, and stretched thin.

    It is directly impacting on the US’s ability to defend itself.

    The idiots on Capitol Hill just don’t get it. By the time they do or we throw them out, it’ll be too late.

  2. If there is so much leeway in existing budgets – TRIM THEM AND PASS THE SAVINGS ON TO US POOR TAXPAYER SHLUBS!


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