Sensitive Israeli Air Force Documents Found in Garbage


iafSensitive documents detailing the activities of the Israeli Air Force (IAF), particularly during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, were discovered by a civilian over the weekend in a garbage heap near an IAF base in central Israel. The documents listed the names of pilots who carried out strikes in Gaza, as well as launch times, call signs and other details.The civilian collected some of the papers and was told by military personnel at the base that the rest would be cleared immediately. The man returned to the site yesterday morning only to discover that the documents were still there.

Only after the Yediot Achronot newspaper contacted the army did the base commanders call the civilian and ask for the garbage heap’s exact location.

One of the documents, which was marked “classified”, detailed each and every operation carried out by an IAF squadron during the offensive in Gaza. The document was drafted just days after the offensive ended. Other documents detailed the squadron’s routine and training procedures, including performance evaluations.

Following Operation Cast Lead the army listed discretion as one of the reasons for its success, and maintains a very strict policy regarding access to classified information.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Office said in response that “the matter is being checked by the Air Force; it must be stressed that this was an isolated incident.”

{Yair Israel}


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