Senator Felder Attacked For Siding With Community Over Party, Says “I Won’t Be Intimidated”


As a result of his decision to once again caucus with the State Senate Republicans, NY State Senator Simcha Felder continues to be the target for some liberals angered by President-Elect Donald Trump’s victory over Hilary Clinton.

Last month, the State Democrats issued a statement attacking the Senator. “Any Democrat who joins with Donald Trump’s Republican Party enables his continuing assault on immigrants, women, people of color, people of different faiths and our shared American values,” said Mike Murphy, a spokesman for the Senate Democrats.

More recently, a group calling itself “SD17 Jews Against Trump” urged Senator Felder to change his mind and stand with the State Democrats. On Wednesday, December 21, the group showed up at the Senator’s office with a petition signed by about 65 individuals who said they live in the Senator’s district (Senate District 17). A spokesperson for the group said that her group is vehemently against the President Elect and the New York State GOP for a variety of reasons, and that the Senator should not stand with them.

A handful of the petitioners remained outside the Senator’s office on Avenue J where they held up their signs “Jews Against Trump.” This prompted others on the Avenue to admonish the protesters. “This is outrageous,” said one woman. “I’m a Jew who is for Trump, and what you’re doing is disgusting.”

“I have to do what’s best for my constituents,” explained Senator Felder. “While I appreciate that some of my constituents may feel differently, I have also found that the majority of those who have contacted me about who I caucus with are not disappointed by my decision.

“This has nothing to do with President-Elect Trump,” the Senator continued. “For the last four years, I’ve caucused with the Republicans because, irrespective of party affiliation, I never give up on trying to do what’s best for the people I represent. Parties are not a religion. I won’t be intimidated by those who feel differently.”



  1. Hang in there Simcha. You’re doing the right thing.

    You may just want to be a bit bolder and change your party affiliation to Republican and end the charade. Republicans will be in control for a long time.

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