Sen. Graham: Israel Gave Up Too Much in U.S. Aid Deal


Sen. Lindsey Graham, who oversees the U.S. foreign aid budget, says that Israel made a mistake by not waiting for the next president before signing the $38 billion security agreement with the Obama administration, the AP reports.

The South Carolina Republican said there is ample support in Congress among both Republicans and Democrats for providing Israel with more military aid. “They left money on the table,” he charged. He noted that Congress isn’t a party to the agreement and he intended to try giving Israel an additional $1.5 billion over what the administration has proposed, which will be spread out over ten years.

Iran, Graham said, will view the $38 billion as a “watering down” of the U.S. commitment to Israel.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. The “deal” is actually almost completely one-sided, with U.S. military, economic and technological aid flowing to Israel and Israeli technological know-how, goodwill and cooperation flowing to the U.S. In other words, Israel has almost no leverage whatsoever and it’s difficult to say that they “left money on the table” with this agreement.


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