Self-Described Zionist Arab Teen Faces Death Threats for Pro-Israel Videos


mohammad-zoabi [Video below.] Mohammad Zoabi is a Muslim teenager from Nazareth who has taken to social media to voice strong support for Israel – a decision that’s led to death threats from his fellow Arab Israelis and accusations that he is “delusional” from his notoriously hardline Palestinian Arab cousin, Knesset member Hanin Zoabi.

The self-proclaimed “proud” Israeli posted a video online this week in which he addressed those who kidnapped three Israeli teenagers Thursday night, exclaiming in Arabic, English and Hebrew: “To those terrorists who have kidnapped our kids … bring them back, and you better bring them back now!”

“Tomorrow it could be me, you or any other Israeli. … Our enemies don’t separate between Arabs and Jews living in Israel,” Zoabi said. “For them we are all one, for them we are all Israelis. … and you know what? I’m proud about that. I’m an Israeli and I will remain an Israeli.”

“Israel is here to exist as a Jewish and a democratic country,” the high school student said.

With an Israeli flag in the background, the younger Zoabi took Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to task for cooperating with the Palestinian Authority.

“Wake up and stop cooperating with terrorists,” he said, calling the Palestinian Authority the “biggest” terrorist. “Our enemies do not separate between Arabs and Jews living in Israel.”


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  1. Seems like a very intelligent mind. I do however hope he is not touched by harm for his conversation. He is right. He is very intelligent. But his plan may backfire. Still it was an honor to see a man with such intelligence speak online. Would like to see this guy go far. Neat.

  2. Unfortunately he’s one in a million. Just interesting to see that with all the brainwashing these Arab children are exposed to, you have one that doesn’t fall for their garbage.

  3. #4, how do we know if his views are common or not? Perhaps everyone else knows better than to publicize such views for reasons that he is now aware of. There definitely exists at least an undercurrent of pro-Israel Israeli Arabs.


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