Sefer Hilchasa Berurah  ♦  Maseches Sukkah


Hilchos Sukkah & Lulav Arranged by the Daf

This innovative and groundbreaking sefer has just been released to the seforim stores.

While the ultimate purpose of Limud Hatorah is to reach the level of Shma’ata Aliba D’Hilchasa, knowing the halacha l’maasa from ones learning, it is not so easily attained. It is a dizzying process that begins with the Gemara, continues with the Rishonim and Poskim, and ends with the Mishna Berurah. Now with the release of Sefer Hilchasa Berurah, that goal got much more achievable.

The purpose of the Sefer is to enable one learning the Gemara, even if only with Rashi, to be able to access immediately the practical Halacha. The Halachos are arranged facing the daf according to the markings of the Ein Mishpat, which notes the halachos that find their source in each Gemara. The relevant Shulchan Aruch with the Mishna Berurah, and the main points of the Biur Halacha and Shar Hatzion, are brought, in a flowing and easy to read format, using the system of the highly acclaimed Sefer Chazarah Berurah.

In many places the Shulchan Aruch does not pasken like Rashi’s pshat in the Gemara, which can be a source of confusion. To remedy this, at the bottom of each page, the Be’er Hagolah’s footnotes are brought, in which he indicates every halacha, according to which Meforash it is being paskened. In places where it isn’t obvious how that meforash learned the Gemara, a small piece of Beis Yosef is quoted to explain it.

Now when one learns Maseches Sukkah before Yom Tov, he can know all the Halachos of Sukkah and Lulav; where each Halacha is to be found in the Gemara; and according to whom the halacha is being paskened; and how the Gemara is to be understood accordingly.

The sefer was compiled by Rav Ahron Zelikovitz, Magid Shiur of Chazarah MP3, and author of the Sefer Chazarah Berurah on all six volumes of Mishna Berurah. The sefer is distributed by Im Hasefer. For more information, contact: 718.377.0047 or 718.646.1243. To order online, visit or click here.



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