Security Alert Halts Mail Delivery in Israel


israel-post-officeThe Israel Postal Company’s spokeswoman today announced that the public will not be able to receive mail items at the postal office branches throughout the country, due to a suspicious object that was uncovered in an envelope at the Migdal Haemek branch in northern Israel.

The police issued a statement that it has instructed to stop all mail delivery throughout the country due to two parcel bombs that were uncovered earlier.

The police’s national headquarters said that following the incident it has directed mail sorting offices to hold a careful inspection of mail items and to halt distribution of mail. The public was asked to remain alert while opening mail items.

Many postal offices posted improvised announcements that read: “To our customers, at this stage there will be no distribution of mail items due to a security problem.”

A few hours earlier the postal office in Migdal Haemek was evacuated after a woman received a suspicious package containing wires and a battery. Police sappers were called to the scene and the vicinity was closed off to pedestrians and traffic. The police asked to place a gag order on the investigation details.

{Ynet/Yair Israel}


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