Secular Jews Developing Aversion To Pork


With the immigration of former Soviet Union Jews to Israel came fears that pork would become more popular in Israel.

But Haaretz reports that strangely, Israelis and even Jewish tourists from France, Russia and America have developed such an aversion to pork that over the last couple of years, many Tel Aviv restaurants, including upscale and trendy establishments, have removed it from their menus. Others occasionally list it as a special.

The owner of one place told Haaretz that diners said they wouldn’t be coming back “because there’s pork in the kitchen.”

“In Israel in 2016, pork is taboo,” said another restaurateur. “Even people who aren’t religious and don’t really keep kosher still consider the pig an unclean and untouchable animal.”

No one knows why the aversion to pork has reached new extremes.

David Steger – Israel


  1. Davidic or just new factored fate?

    Would like to see the aversion include all Treif. If not, its not much other than a joke and maybe the start of their own muslim pilgrimage. All Kosher must be kosher.


  2. When you hear that pig will eat anything you put in front of it and anything that it finds behind it (even if the pig made that heap), then you realize what disgusting animals they are.

    In the Gemara of Berachot, it says that even a washed pig is considered filthy because it always has its face in filth.

  3. Not to make a comment however If this is pork being displayed on matzav, one must reason that there is a very unfortunate feeling to think careful Torah sites would even dare poorly to post a photograph of pork to be consumed by someone on their web site. I would attest you could have just put up the live pig and we would know what it is. I personally do not like to look at treif meant to be prepared for human eating. This is not a visual I would think is kosher at all. Why is it being displayed?

    • Because matzav doesn’t want to extend a fence on to a fence!
      Maybe its you who should reexamine your values not matzav.
      We have halachas how to eat. Not whether we can view a picture of sliced pig(don’t know what its called).


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