Secret Chabad Agreement Vis-a-Vis the IDF


Parents of Chabad bochurim affected by an agreement made by Chabad leaders that entails most bochurim enlisting in the IDF by the age of 26 in return for the right to study and do kiruv overseas are demanding to know the details of a secret appendix to the agreement and threatening to petition the issue in court if they are not forthcoming.

“Parents do not intend to keep silent,” a member of the chassidus said. “If there is an agreement, we want to see it. The bochurim went to the army and signed one agreement. One section clearly said that it was in accordance with another agreement. Can someone show us what are sons are signing for? Media people asked the army for the letter and were turned down. If we don’t see the real agreement, we’ll go to the High Court.”

{ Israel News Bureau}



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