Scott Walker’s Presidency: Iran Nuclear Deal Goes ‘On Day One’, Then Obamacare


scott walkerScott Walker has vowed to unravel Barack Obama’s legacy, starting with the Iran nuclear deal, should he become president.

The Wisconsin governor said on Thursday he would cancel the deal “on day one” in the White House and pick apart other Obama achievements, including healthcare reform.

Walker laid out an ambitious conservative agenda in a keynote address to the annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec) , one of the nation’s most powerful lobbying networks, in San Diego.

He promised to curb organised labor, slash taxes and regulations, and inject Ronald Reagan-style “steel” into US foreign policy, saying Islamic extremism, not climate change, was the leading security threat.

“We fight to win,” he said. “The rest of the world must know there is no greater friend and no worse enemy than the United States of America.”

The governor, a leading contender in a crowded GOP field, made numerous references to his religious faith and boasted of defunding Planned Parenthood, drawing cheers from the audience of legislators and lobbyists.

Walker, who has close ties to the lobbying network, also won applause vowing to dismantle the administration’s Iran deal – a deal secretary of state John Kerry and other senior officials were concurrently trying to sell on Capitol Hill.

The radical regime that took US embassy staff hostage in Tehran in 1979 remained a foe, said Walker: “Iran has not changed much since then. I will terminate the deal with Iran on my very first day.”

In a shot at Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, he said an “Obama-Clinton doctrine” had let Russia, China and terrorists threaten US security.

“I’m for true safety,” Walker said. “The commander in chief has a sacred duty to protect the American people.”

The governor mocked Obama’s focus on climate change as a security threat, eliciting guffaws from the audience. “The greatest threat is radical Islam,” he said. “I’d rather take the fight to them rather than wait for them to bring the fight to us.”

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