Schumer Calls On FDA To Expedite Process To Get Better Sunscreens On Store Shelves



On this sunny and warm Sunday, sun worshippers flocked to beaches and parks to take in the rays.

But as 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reported, two million Americans will develop skin cancer this year from being out in the sun.

Sen. Charles Schumer, speaking in Bryant Park, said there are highly advanced sunscreens available around the world, but said the federal Food and Drug Administration still has not approved them for use in the U.S.

“Americans should not have to smuggle the good sunscreen into the country like it’s an illicit substance. We should have access to it here or at least know why we don’t, and so far the FDA isn’t telling us anything,” Schumer said.

The senator also called on the FDA to do a complete review of sunscreens that are currently on the market to ensure the SPF 50 and higher products are as effective as advertised.

Source: 1010 WINS NY

{ Newscenter}


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