School Children Dead In What UNICEF Calls One Of The Worst School Bombings In Syria’s War


Russian and Syrian warplanes repeatedly bombed a complex of three schools in northern Syria on Wednesday in what UNICEF is calling one of the deadliest attacks on schools since the conflict began more than five years ago.

22 people, mostly school children, were killed in these airstrikes on when warplanes struck a residential area housing a school complex in the northern rebel-held province of Idlib, activists and rescue workers said.

The Israel Video Network points out that it is sad when this happens anywhere, but contrast the world’s reaction and activity/inactivity against Russia/Syria/Iran for this massacre vs. how they would have reacted if this had been Gaza. The tragedy of the hypocrisy of the world against Israel is the suffering of true victims of worldwide tragedies who might only receive headlines, but no help from the world.


Source: NPR



  1. Just wondering if the un is going to convene an emergency meeting to condemn the violence Being they care so much for arab children oh I forgot that’s only one to get killed by Israel


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