Savage to Trump: ‘You’re The Winston Churchill Of Our Time’


michaelsavageWinston Churchill’s back — and this time he’s the classiest of class acts.

At least so says radio talk show host Michael Savage, who praised Donald Trump as the “Winston Churchill of our time” during the real estate billionaire’s appearance on Savage’s radio show Wednesday.

Savage, who said he is supporting Trump’s presidential candidacy, talked voter identification laws, immigration and the Iran nuclear deal with the man who is currently leading most Republican presidential primary polls.

Asked about Iran, Trump said it is “inconceivable” that New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, who he always “thought loved Israel,” would support the Iran deal in the Senate.

After Savage interjected to ask whether Schumer has come out to say he is going to support the deal, Trump replied, “nobody knows what he is going to do,” before suggesting Israel might pressure him to oppose it.

“Actually I’m surprised that Israel isn’t putting tremendous pressure on Schumer because they do have a lot of power over Schumer,” Trump said, implying a sitting U.S. senator’s vote could be swayed by the pressure of a foreign power.

Savage also pressed Trump on whether he would establish strict voter ID laws through an executive order as president. But before Trump could answer, Savage explained why he actually shouldn’t answer the question.

“I know I don’t want to nail you, I don’t want to get you to say ‘yes’ and then they’ll nail you for that,” Savage said. “‘Trump goes on right wing Savage Show and says’ — right away, they start screaming racism. I get it. I know what they do. I know the game.”

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  1. He also calls orthodox jews parasites. He is a g-d hating jew. Just because he backs trump doesn’t make his views okay.

  2. Donald Trump is to Winston Churchill what the Ocean is to the Lava Lamp.

    Donald Trump has various hopes but saving the fame and fortune of good Americans is just his calling card and not his war.

    He is a bullseye for a bad take on a broken sea of bad fame.

    Bulls days are more important.

  3. to anonymous:
    your comments are always on target in a drunk man’s arena.your windshaft flows south in a flamboyant rhetoric of spewed vapidism


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