Sampler: MBD’s New Album, “Kulam Ahuvim”


kulam-ahuvimA new album from Mordechai ben David is set to hit stores in the coming week. The album, titled, “Kulam Ahuvim,” was produced by his son Yeedle, and, like his other albums, contains several compositions by MBD himself. The titletrack “Kulam Ahuvim was featured here on last week. We now present an audio sampler of the album, courtesy of R’ Mendy Werdyger and Aderet Music, which is distributing the album.

Clik below to listen:

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  1. professionalism is the word. nobody beat MBD so far. listen to any of his music again and again, every time you will notice something new .

  2. I hate to say this but I think MBD must be going through huge yisurim. Lets face it , he does not have much of a voice now compared to what he was like back in the day. I can safely say that back in the day , he was flawless and noone came close to him. But now, he has aged and his voice practically is gone, why continue to release albums? I understand the whole legand thing but who are we kidding? If I were to release an album out of the blue sounding like him now, I probably would not even sell 10 copies. My advice to MBD is, your prime is gone, retire. Thats it. A person should know when to quit. Thanks MBD for 3 decades of entertainment, but Higeya zeman.

  3. #3 you obviously do not understand the ‘legend thing’. How much would some of us pay just to see R’ Shlomele zt”l! We the legend people feel the same about the Rebbe R’ Modchele! He tought us how to sing a yiddishe niggun and brought so much simcha to our lives, and we hope he will continue to do so till he reaches 120 years of age in good health!


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