Rush: Obama a ‘Vindictive Little Guy’


rush-limbaugh-obamaRush Limbaugh blasted President Barack Obama on Thursday, calling him a “vindictive little guy” and saying there was “nothing presidential” about his budget speech.

Limbaugh said he was offended that Obama had invited GOP Rep. Paul Ryan, who has offered his own budget plan, and other Republicans to sit in the front row at Wednesday’s address, “and then he proceeds to insult them.”

“It was a disgusting display. It was in no way presidential,” Limbaugh said on his talk show Thursday.

He said the incident revealed Obama’s real character.

“He’s not this cool, calm collected guy,” Limbaugh said. “Obama’s not a good guy. He’s a mean, vindictive little guy. He’s very cold.”

He also accused Obama of pandering to liberal supporters as part of his re-election strategy.

“His base is made up of people even more vile than he is,” Limbaugh said. “A lot of it is just walking human debris on the Democrat base side and they’ve got to be stoked.”

{Newsmax/ Newscenter}


  1. From Paul Krugman, on the surprised reaction in the media that the Democrats came out swinging: “At the beginning of last week, the commentariat was in raptures over the Serious, Courageous, Game-Changing Ryan plan. But now that the plan has been exposed as the cruel nonsense it is, what we’re hearing a lot about is the need for more civility in the discourse. President Obama did a bad thing by calling cruel nonsense cruel nonsense; he hurt Republican feelings, and how can we have a deal when the GOP is feeling insulted?”

  2. oh the little republicans got their feeling insulted by the president who told America the truth- Ryan’s plan is a fantasy world.

    Aside from that, Ryan knew what Obama was going to discuss and Obama couldnt have been any more gracious unless he ignored Ryans plan or endorsed it

    Ryan wants sacrifices from everyone except for the top 2% for whom he voted a trillion tax cut back in January and wants to further cut those taxes on the top 2% even though we know that tax cuts dont correlate with a rise in income as evidenced by
    Clintons tax hikes brought about as great an economy as Reagans which proves that tax cuts cant be looked at as the solution to a good economy. Plus, the recession that occurred after Reagans 4 middle years last 4 years, while after Clintons years it lasted a short while and wasnt nearly as bad. Reagan last was 4 solid years evidence that proves that


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