Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Use “Hitler’s Playbook, Are Like “Nazi Party”


rush[Video below.] Democrats have intensified their war with Republican icon Rush Limbaugh by lambasting the controversial talk show host for comments using Nazi imagery to attack the Democratic Party on health care. The Anti-Defamation League also joined in the criticism yesterday.

“Regardless of the political differences and the substantive differences in the debate over health care, the use of Nazi symbolism is outrageous, offensive and inappropriate,” ADL National Director Abraham Foxman said.

“Americans should be able to disagree on the issues without coloring it with Nazi imagery and comparisons to Hitler. This is not where the debate should be at all.”

He pointed to recent protests against US President Barack Obama’s health care initiative in which demonstrators appeared with swastikas. He also cited Limbaugh’s recent statement that, “They accuse us of being Nazis, and Obama’s got a healthcare logo that’s right out of Adolf Hitler’s playbook.”

Limbaugh’s comments were as follows:

It’s right out of Adolf Hitler’s playbook. Now, what are the similarities between the Democrat Party today and the Nazi Party in Germany? Well, the Nazis were against big business. They hated big business and of course we all know that they were opposed to Jewish capitalism. They were insanely, irrationally against pollution. They were for two years mandatory voluntary service to Germany. They had a whole bunch of make-work projects to keep people working, one of which was the Autobahn. They were against cruelty and vivisection of animals, but in the radical sense of devaluing human life, they banned smoking. They were totally against that. They were for abortion and euthanasia of the undesirables, as we all know, and they were for cradle-to-grave nationalized healthcare.

The Democratic Party seized on his comments and others that compared Democratic policies to those of the Nazi party to drum up support from their constituents, continuing their use of Rush Limbaugh as a popular rallying cry.

Limbaugh, a political lightning rod, has been a tool of the new Democratic administration in making the case that the Republican party has shifted too far to the Right and is out of touch with average Americans, but Limbaugh’s show remains a broadcasting juggernaut and his place in the party firm.

 To view a video of Limbaugh’s comments, click below:

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  1. the Democrats criticizing Limbaugh for bringing up the nazi comments, are taking his words out of context. After Pelosi accused protesters of using swastikas and nazi symbols at town hall meetings, Limbaugh fired back that if anything it’s the democrats who are more compared to nazis. But he did NOT start the nazi comparison.

  2. ADL? Does any of us here consider them our spokesmen. Look at all of our comments throughout the election, we all claimed Obama to be something like Hitler YM”S. They do have much similarities, and unfortunately we were somewhat right. Obama is going in the direction of Adolf Hitler, blaming the Jews and Israel for all of his troubles. But, we should really think before we say something like that because let’s just try saying that to a holocaust survivor and they’ll explode. Hitler was something we can’t and will never be able to imagine. Rush go strong. These are liberal democrats trying to point finger as usual and make you look as if you’re out of touch. Well, as you always say, the Washingtonians will never understand you/us outsiders.

  3. The mainstream media were quick to jump all over conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh when he likened President Barack Obama’s healthcare logo to a swastika and compared the Democrats to the Nazis.

    They were much quieter about Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s reference to a swastika when she claimed that hecklers at a pro-Obamacare town hall meeting were carrying swastikas.

    During her recent visit to a San Francisco hospital, a San Francisco Chronicle reporter asked her whether there is “legitimate grass-roots opposition” to the Democrats’ healthcare plan.

    “I think they are Astroturf,” she responded.

    Then she referred to hecklers at a town hall meeting: “They’re carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on healthcare.”

    The Chronicle report on the hospital visit did not report the swastika comment.

    Fox News and Newsmax were among the media that did report Pelosi’s comment.

    But when Limbaugh made similar comments Thursday, he set off a media firestorm.

    Limbaugh told his radio audience: “Obama’s got a healthcare logo that’s right out of Adolf Hitler’s playbook.

    “Now, what are the similarities between the Democrat Party of today and the Nazi Party in Germany? Well, the Nazis were against big business — they hated big business . . . They were insanely, irrationally against pollution . . . They had a whole bunch of make-work projects to keep people working . . . They were for abortion and euthanasia of the undesirables, as we all know, and they were for cradle-to-grave nationalized healthcare.”

    Limbaugh’s remarks got such wide play that, for a time on Thursday, “Obama’s healthcare logo” was the No. 1 search term on Google, according to Newsweek. The magazine pointed out that the logo for Obama’s Organizing for Healthcare effort incorporates the caduceus, the ancient Greek symbol for medicine.

    The Chicago Tribune was among the media attacking Limbaugh for his comments, citing a report that Wednesday’s program “couldn’t have been angrier, more mendacious, or more venomous” and adding that Thursday’s show “surpassed even that for pure divisive poison as Limbaugh played an entire deck of Hitler cards.”

    The Boston Globe said Limbaugh’s remarks were part of “the increasingly vicious war over healthcare,” and quoted a Democratic official who said his statement was “as disgusting as it is shocking.” The article made no mention of Pelosi’s earlier remark about swastikas.

    A U.S. News & World Report article called Rush’s remarks “mind-numbingly nonsensical,” but did not mention Pelosi’s comment. quoted a Democratic congressman who asserted that Limbaugh with his remarks has treated Holocaust survivors “with vile contempt.”

  4. stop being blinded by your love for rush he said something stupid he made a mistake i agree its not terrible but maybe start thinking for youselves hes not super human

  5. democrats have been backed into a corner and now they are scared. they cant debate against the truth. they are trying to impose socialism on our free country eventhough the majority of this great country doesnt want it. rush hurts their feelings everyday and they cant take it anymore so they insult us americans and claim we are mobs and nazis. keep it up america! beat back socialism!


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