Rudy Giuliani Eyes Entrance If 2012 Rivals Are ‘Too Far Right’


giuliani1Rudy Giuliani says he might jump into the presidential race if the GOP field is ultimately too right-wing for his liking. Speaking to Palm Beach Republicans Tuesday, the former New York mayor said if Republicans seem likely to pick a nominee who’s “too right wing” to oust President Barack Obama, that could prompt his second White House bid in as many cycles.

“If all we are faced with are candidates that are too far right so that they can’t win the general election, then that’s when I’d reconsider doing it,” Giuliani told a crowd of 200, the Palm Beach Post reports.

Asked about his January statement that he’d be more tempted to run if Sarah Palin does, Giuliani called the comment “rash.

While Giuliani blasted Obama’s response on Libya, he warned that Republicans shouldn’t be planning their 2012 victory party quite yet.

“Do not underestimate Barack Obama,” Giuliani said. “He is a very ineffective president but a very effective politician.”

{Politico/ Newscenter}


  1. Will the Republicans please field a candidate that doesn’t have a) personal marriage issues, or b) chronic foot-in-mouth disease or c) views which are so far right that they’re about to fall off the end of their flat-earth model?

    There are a lot of sane, thoughtful Republicans. Can’t the GOP find someone worthy of representing them?

  2. #1 – You mean like sane thoughtful McCain? Many times the press labels someone who believes in G-d etc. as far right.


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