Rubio Asks Kerry: What Would US Do if Israel Launches Cyber Attack on Iran Nuclear Program?


rubio“If Israel conducts a cyber attack against the Iranian nuclear program are we (the U.S.) obligated to help them defend themselves against an Israel cyber attack?” senator and presidential candidate Marco Rubio (R-FL) asked Secretary of State John Kerry this past week, Business Insider reported.

Kerry responded vaguely, saying he was confidant Israel would not launch a cyber attack without coordinating it with the U.S.

“I don’t see any way possible that we would be in conflict with Israel with respect to what we might want to do there and we just have to wait until we get until that point,” he said, which the Business Insider analyzed as “referring to a future time at which Israel believes it’s necessary to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program.”

Kerry was addressing the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, which held a four-and-a-half hour hearing over the Iran nuclear deal, with testimonies by Kerry, Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz and Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew.

Rubio, who says he will vote to reject the Iran deal, told the Obama administration officials that the next administration will have no “legal or moral obligation” to uphold the Iran deal, reiterating GOP threats to ditch the deal and slap back sanctions if they win the White House in 2016.

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