Rubio 8 Points Ahead of Crist in Florida


crist-rubioOver the course of the week, a non-scientific online survey on preferences for the U.S. Senate seat in Florida showed big swings.

There was a big surge for Marco Rubio, then for Bob Smith and then Gov. Crist. With more than 2,000 readers responding, 46 percent, or 933 TBBJ Web site readers, favored former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio. Gov. Crist was not far behind at 38 percent, or 777 votes, followed by former N.H. Sen. Bob Smith with 191 votes, or 9 percent. Democrat Kendrick Meek of Miami, was No. 4 with just 69 votes, or 3 percent of the 2,024 votes cast.

Our survey isn’t able to account for scientifically acknowledged criteria and is designed to be a snapshot of what readers are thinking. But as is often the case in our polls, there was heated debate on this race in comments posted.

“These comments show the divide in our country very clearly,” said reader Mike Schweiger in his comments. “Everyone wants to blame the other party and nobody wants to take responsibility for the poor choices made over the last several decades,” he said.

For one Rubio supporter, his choice seemed all about fiscal conservatism.

“All you supporters of liberal Gov. Crist are sad case liberal Democrats who figure a weak minded liberal Republican like Charlie Crist in office is better for them than a strong conservative Republican like Rubio who will stop the wild redistribution of the wealth and spending and return America to the Americans who work,” said reader Al Walker.

But Ilene Richman said she believes Charlie Crist has been “great” as governor.

“Marco Rubio is a dyed in the wool conservative who would not do anything for the citizens of his state. He is a deadbeat,” she said. “Charlie Christ is an uplifting governor who has tried to deal with the Seminole tribe, U.S. Sugar, bring employment to Florida and is one who thinks about the citizens in this state.”

A few supporters of Bob Smith weighed in, suggesting that given Smith’s 18 years experience in Congress, he’d have a senior position representing Florida if elected. “Rubio and Crist would rank around 99th or 100th. Smith would be a top 10 senior Republican. He would bring instant power to our state,” said reader Jim Valek.

“Bob Smith is an experienced, conservative persistent patriot, who has proved by past performance that he operates by principle over popular politics,” said supporter Karen Roberts. “He has already successfully navigated the difficult processes that affected change, guarded and secured constitutional rights and privileges that people have regardless of age,” she said.

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