Rove: Putin Is ‘Laughing’ After Obama Speech


putinRussian President Vladimir Putin is “in the Kremlin laughing” following President Barack Obama’s speech Wednesday outlining his foreign policy vision for the remainder of his term, Republican strategist Karl Rove said on Fox News.

During the address to graduates at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Obama said the United States “must always lead on the world stage,” but called for restraint before getting involved in military actions.

“[Obama] said, ‘Ukraine is a success. It’s a sign of American leadership and American strength.’ Can you imagine what Putin’s thinking about that in the Kremlin today?” Rove said on “Happening Now” on Fox News. “He’s taken Crimea. He has troops massed on the Ukrainian border in order to influence the country.

“He has embarrassed the United States, embarrassed NATO, and tried to reassert the Soviet Empire. And the president says this is a sign of American success. Putin is sitting in the Kremlin laughing.”

Read more at Newsmax.

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  1. Laughing? He most likely has sent him a thank you card for keeping his promise to be more flexible once he was reelected. So don’t ever say that O’Bama does not keep his promises.

  2. The entire Obama campaign was laughing at Rove on election night 2012, as Rove wasted $400 million of his donors’ money on an inept campaign that failed in issues and strategy both. The real question is why anyone bothers to interview him any more.


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