Ron Paul: Killing Osama Bin Laden “Absolutely Not Necessary”


ron-paulHe has flirted with blame America firstism before, and even with Truthers a couple of times, but tends to leave himself enough wiggle room so that he doesn’t come off as totally off his nut. That’s gone now.

Asked by WHO Radio’s Simon Conway whether he would have given the go-ahead to kill bin Laden if it meant entering another country, Paul shot back that it “absolutely was not necessary.”

“I don’t think it was necessary, no. It absolutely was not necessary,” Paul said during his Tuesday comments. “I think respect for the rule of law and world law and international law. What if he’d been in a hotel in London? We wanted to keep it secret, so would we have sent the airplane, you know the helicopters into London, because they were afraid the information would get out?”

The fact that at least some elements in Pakistan have to have known about OBL’s whereabouts, and harbored him, and how that would have impacted any joint mission to go get him, is utterly lost on Paul.

This is the fundamental problem with Ron Paul: When it comes to foreign policy, he is not serious and is not credible. He makes no distinctions between real allies like the UK and duplicitous frenemies like Pakistan. And he always always blames America first. That’s his MO.



  1. Big deal, he knows he doesnt even have the tinyest shred of a shot at winning the GOP primary, let alone the presidency, why not have some fun with it.

  2. As I always said, we need someone with his economic ideas, but with more mainstream conservative ideas on national security and foreign policy. Sadly, he and his ilk are neutralizers.

  3. Reb Hershel, no I dont but Its not hard to get how making obvious crazy statements in order to make headlines could be considered fun.

  4. RJC Expresses Concern about
    Ron Paul Candidacy

    Washington, D.C. (May 12, 2011) — With press reports indicating that Congressman Ron Paul (TX) will announce his bid for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination tomorrow, the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) releases the following statement expressing deep concern about his candidacy.

    RJC Executive Director Matthew Brooks stated:

    “As Americans who are committed to a strong and vigorous foreign policy, we are deeply concerned about the prospective presidential campaign of Congressman Ron Paul. While Rep. Paul plans to run as a Republican, his views and past record place him far outside of the Republican mainstream. His candidacy, as we’ve seen in his past presidential campaigns, will appeal to a very narrow constituency in the U.S. electorate. Throughout his public service, Paul has espoused a dangerous isolationist vision for the U.S. and our role in the world. He has been a virulent and harsh critic of Israel during his tenure in Congress*. Most recently Paul gave an interview in which he voiced his objection to the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden.”

    Brooks added, “We certainly respect Congressman Paul’s right to run, but we strongly reject his misguided and extreme views, which are not representative of the Republican Party.”

    * Notes:
    Paul likened Israel’s defensive blockade of Hamas-ruled Gaza to “a concentration camp”
    Ron Paul: U.S. Shouldn’t Support Israel’s Gaza Blockade

    In February, Paul proposed an amendment to unilaterally cancel U.S. assistance to Israel
    Politico, “Huddle, 2/16/11?

    Ron Paul was one of just 8 House members to vote against sanctions on Iran

    During the interval between his stints in Congress, Ron Paul published newsletters that included “rants against the Israeli lobby”
    CNN, “Ron Paul ’90s newsletters rant against blacks, gays”, 1/1/08


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