Meir Ettinger Not Allowed to Attend Son’s Bris Milah


The request by Meir Ettinger, a Jewish right-wing activist held in administrative detention, to attend his newborn son’s bris milah, was denied today, Tazpit reports.

The judge set an appeal hearing for tomorrow morning, which is when the bris is scheduled to take place.

Following the ruling, Meir’s wife, Moriah, vowed not to hold the bris in the prison where Meir is being held.

“Sadly, the authorities want to be like the Greeks and the Communists by not letting a Jewish father bring his son into Avrohom’s covenant,” Moriah said, referring to historical persecutions of Jewish observance.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. It’s inexcusable for Israel to hold someone prisoner without charging him with any crimes. This shouldn’t happen in a country that touts itself as a democracy that gives everyone equal rights. Holding someone prisoner for no apparent reason makes Israel look like Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and all the other oppressive, dictatorial regimes that care little for human beings, let alone human rights.
    Israel’s justice system is capricious. The whims and agendas of the prosecutors and judges mean more to them than justice. Israel needs a constitution. Her citizens deserve it. Due process and habeas corpus are unheard of in Israel. How shameful is that?

  2. Isn’t it interesting how the purportedly Jewish state bends over backwards to accommodate every religious and family need of the homicidal Arab detainees, yet goes all harsh on Jews that happen to espouse political views to the right of the arbitrarily defined center. Coincidence or the evil judenrat plan?!


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