Reuters Doesn’t Believe Osama Is Dead Until They See Proof


bin-laden-reutersThe Reuters Global Pictures Desk in Singapore reports:

When the news broke that Osama Bin Laden was dead, at the Reuters Global Pictures Desk in Singapore all we could think was one thing: We have to see the picture of the dead body. The world needed the tangible proof of a genuine photo before we could really absorb the idea that the world’s most sought and also most elusive Islamic extremist was dead. We also knew that the news agency that was first in sending a picture of his dead body to the world would go a long way to winning this historic story. Sending out a fake picture could be very embarrassing to say the least – a tough balancing act when under such pressure.

A few hours later there it was circulating on the internet: Osama Bin Laden’s bloodied face in a video transmitted by a TV station in Pakistan. Under tremendous pressure we could get the picture and fed it into our picture editing system in preparation for transmission around the globe.

But was it really Osama? It was rumoured that the source was US military but the editors on the Global Picture Desk found inconsistencies that immediately made us suspicious. There was odd pixilation and blurring and his face was darker in some areas than others. The biggest problem was that the picture looked familiar somehow. Quickly looking through dozens of our archive pictures we found that the bottom half of Osama Bin Laden’s face was identical to a picture of him speaking at a news conference in 1998. After flipping the picture 180 degrees and overlaying it with the picture of the dead Osama Bin Laden we had a perfect match. It was a fake.

The fake picture was locked in our system so that it couldn’t be sent out but would be saved for future training exercises. Meanwhile, the fake picture quickly gained momentum in cyber space.

We’re still waiting for that genuine picture of the body of Osama Bin Laden.

{Reuters/ Newscenter}


  1. obama needed some rating boosters for the upcoming election so first he embareses his running mate donald at a public get together and now he claims to have killed the most wanted in the world . what a farce!

  2. This is video footage of bin Laden with a “whiter” beard than the image shown, it would be funny to think that he “died” his hair black again considering that he has dogs and sheep roaming around his house!

  3. I’ve dealt with conspiracy theorists for decades. No proof in the world will convince them that their precious conspiracy is a mishigass.

    OBL is dead. DNA confirmed it. Get over it.

    President Obama is a US Citizen. Get over it.

    The moon landing was real. Get over it.

    9/11 was the product of AQ planning, not the Jews, and not the US Government. Get over it.

    The earth is round. Get over it.

  4. I a, sure he was really killed, even if there is no pictures yet. The white house would not risk saying he was killed if they are not 100% sure because if we find out later that it wasnt true, that will be a big embarrasment

  5. why is everything draped in mystery? they seem to have a problem delivering proofs of death and proofs of birth.

  6. Theres way too many things that are suspicious and way too coincidental about this to believe it is true. I think he died years ago (as was reported on the news numerous times over the years since 9-11) and this is a trick to boost Obamas ratings.

  7. why can`t they show his dead body?
    because they have so much respect for muslim burrial traditions ???
    it doesn`t matter for the normal citicen if this guy is dead or alive.just the politicans have a benefit through creating panik under the name of world terrorism.
    some time ago the goym would say that world judaism was behind all bad in the world. now it is world terrorism.
    these so kalled bad terrorist have been killing israelis for years and nobody said anything but even defended them. just look how arafat was awared with the nobel price for peace.
    as long as jews were killed nobody said anything. no that the same guys killed americans and other goyshe people they are in outrage.
    just compare their reactions when there is an attack on israelis with other attacks around the world.
    what happened when this poore family was brutaly slaughtered . little chidren, a 3 month old baby ?
    what did they say ?
    you just heard that 5 settlers were killed.
    for them these children were just evil settlers who provoked the poor palestinians.

    the us government embraced all these terrorists, sponsored them and now they are crying.
    now it is ok if they go around the world killing and attacking anyone they want.

    israel is fighting to survive and they claim israel to be a bad nation.

  8. Reuters is way too pro-Arab to accept OBL’s death without a photograph. DNA isn’t enough for them, I guess.

  9. I don’t see the point of mixing the death of a terrorist with the existence of the State of Israel.

    However, it has started to appear that recently a great deal of international media outlets have become “pro-Arab” and generally biased by the Palestinian side.

    I am myself a journalist, thus I can explain that. We journalists are nonetheless human beings and as such we are inclined to be biased; biased on the side of victims, even when they are of a “lower species” i.e. “goym”.

    By the way, I am “goym”


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