Report: U.S. Homicide Rates On The Rise


Murder rates across the country are climbing after experiencing some of the lowest rates in recent years, the New York Times reported on Monday. At least 35 U.S. cities have reported a spike in murders, violent crimes or both, including in New Orleans, where 120 people had been killed as of late August compared with 98 during the same period last year.

Baltimore homicides increased to 215 from 138 during the same period a year earlier while St. Louis saw a 60 percent increase to 136 murders from 85 homicides during the same point in 2014.

The Justice Department is expected to launch an initiative to deal with the increased murder rates at a conference in September. Read more at the New York Times.



  1. This is of course pretty bad.

    The sadness is that our communities are not equipped to handle such hate from the worst of criminals.

    To say the least that this is not alarming is having no courage to face direction in our current society.

    Times see that worthy honor is a good community that has values that do not erode.

    The idea that our futures are important is clear.

    The new Black Lives Matter group is scary in the least.

    Still, Obama is not facing better future revaried cause since he has not constructed better direction for simple things like anti-semitism.

    Antisemitism is up. The BDS Crime Syndicate is going in its own directions today and our President has had no control over any direction that has its own deal with this example.

    He is renaming mountains while hate is building more.

    This is a criminal presidency in the terms that this president would rather visit a jail cell to help the nice people convicted find more favor instead of keeping our communities safer.

    The Tattoo rate in America since Obama has gone up 40%. (See WSJ Article a few months ago). Does this speak for better orthodox values in America?

    Clearly we are living in a time where worth is minimized.

    In all, this is a danger. If we have a new president who has any direction, I wonder whom it might be. I am not sure that the Arrow in the H is a blessing against the H-ell.

    So be careful there fellow yids.

    The Fate of Invested Futures has more to do. And the black matters group is so bad that our feelings about a community without good blame is just the fate that is removed from our fate.

    Scary in a sense of course. But if we ever get better orthodox values in America, we will be well on the way to hopefully a better choice of human voice in this nation.

    Limit the scare here. Obama is not a petticoat for the wise. He has his hands and feet deeply embedded in a poor value of scare against human choice. Racism is the new word for “Liability Protected by the Edge of Pessimism”.

    And thus, we move to 2016.

    Shalom. Its a bad street on the Obama storefront.


  2. It’s not the evil people, but inanimate objects such as guns. After all, there was no murder until guns were invented. In fact, it’s impossible to kill without a gun. Ban the evil guns! Whew, just made myself feel better. Praise to president Hussein! No let me take my medication.


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