Report: Trump ‘Pretended’ He Was a Spokesman


The Washington Post is on a jihad against Donald Trump, doing everything in its power to slam the GOP frontrunner.

Now the Post is reporting that Trump used to use pseudonyms to call reporters and plant stories about his life, according to a Washington Post investigation.

The presumptive nominee claimed it was a “scam” on the Today show Friday. “It was not me on the phone,” he said.

On the recording obtained by the newspaper, a spokesman named “John Miller” sounded a lot like Trump.

Reporters who covered Trump’s Manhattan office in the 1970s through the ’90s would often experience phone encounters with either “John Miller” or “John Barron,” who the Post says were, in fact, Trump himself. The newspaper said they corroborated that account with several journalists and former aides of The Donald.

In 1990, Trump reportedly testified during a court case: “I believe on occasion I used that name.” Read more at The anti-Trump Washington Post.



  1. This is a funny story, but it’s pretty meaningless as serious news. What difference does it make if a paid spokesman sang Trump’s praises or Trump himself impersonated a paid spokesman singing his praises? This kind of thing is done all the time, e.g. politicians using pseudonyms to release glowing reports of themselves (and often even making it appear that the writer of the story is an impartial observer).

  2. Grand Yidden Delight for the GOP Jews. They are so enamored by Trump that they will look both ways before they hold the Torah high.

    Tame to think that the Trump-elite-loving-Jews today are so creative that they will make such angry mention about Ms. Clinton just for the sake of minuscule delight in a megalomaniac. The sadness is we know what megalomania did to Israel.

    Manners are a responsibility.


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