Report: Russian Woman Held for Eating Friend


fork-and-knifeA woman from Russia’s Siberian region of Irkutsk has been arrested for killing a friend and then eating part of the corpse, Interfax news agency reported, quoting local investigators. The incident occurred earlier this month when the two women were drinking together at the suspect’s home and an argument broke out between them.
“Investigators have information to suggest the woman cooked pieces of her murdered friend and ate them,” said an official with the Russian prosecutor’s investigative committee, Vladimir Salovarov.He added that the perpetrator killed her friend with an axe and that uneaten parts of the victim’s body had been found in a nearby waste bin.

The detained woman had confessed her guilt, Salovarov said.

In a separate case, prosecutors in Russia’s Udmurtiya region said last week they were searching for a man suspected of cannibalism after the mutilated body of a woman was found in the town of Izhevsk, according to the prosecutor’s website.

{AFP/ Newscenter}



  1. Reminds me that Rava shechted R’ Zayra after a drinking melee on purim. The perils of drinking!

    Regarding eating a dead person – what is the issur in it for a goy? It sure isn’t ever min ha’chay! A goy is not m’chuyav in kovod / bizuy ha’mes. So what’s the big deal? Halevay all our enemies eat each other.


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