Report: Radio Pirates Hijack Classical Station To Preach The Torah


From a NY Post report by Melkorka Licea:

South Brooklyn listeners of the Big Apple’s only classical radio station are livid that a pirate broadcast of a man preaching the Torah often drowns out their Tchaikovsky.

The irked orchestra fans lodged several complaints to WQXR (105.9 FM), which recently reported the pirate broadcasts to the Federal Communications Commission. But the religious screeds are still spoiling the station’s soft crescendos.

“It’s my favorite radio station and I can’t even listen to it anymore. It’s gotten so bad,” said Kensington resident Patrick Russell, 65.

About a month ago, “I was reading and trying to unwind listening to WQXR when suddenly I started to hear this crackling and a weird voice,” Russell recalled.

The illegal airwave — located very close to the classical station’s frequency, at 105.7 FM — features religious tunes, but is mostly a man “yelling and lecturing about the Torah” in English and Hebrew, Russell said.

The FCC confirmed that “there is no licensed operation on that frequency in New York City,” said spokeswoman Margo Davenport.

The illicit station chiefly affects Kensington, Windsor Terrace and Park Slope, and hijacks the frequency from about 6 p.m. until 8 a.m., Russell said.

“I like classical music to wake me up in the morning nicely. I don’t want somebody screaming at me,” Russell added. “Same for when I’m going to bed.” Read more at the NY Post.




  1. Maybe the air in Kensington is not clear. This man is hearing things and should seek physiological help. Son of Sam also heard things. If this nutcase would of claimed he hears a Muslim preacher, he would be called an evil racist and charged with a hate crime. But alas, it’s only those Jews, so everything is fine. One is allowed to make false libelous claims about them. Yireh

  2. What the above comments said is true. But is this the way to behave in galus?! Unless they paid to broadcast. In which case why is it differrent than any other show?


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