Report: Israeli Textbooks View Peace as Ultimate Goal, Do Not Incite Against Palestinians


Israeli textbooks see peace as an ultimate goal, maintain messages of tolerance and coexistence with Arabs and Palestinians, and do not incite against them, according to a new study released by IMPACT-se. The report by Dr. Yael Teff-Seker from Haifa University evaluates Palestinians, Arab minorities and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in 123 Israeli textbooks. IMPACT-se, founded in 1998, monitors education around the world and determines compliance according to UNESCO standards for tolerance.

The study further found that textbooks acknowledge a Palestinian presence in Israel before 1948, as well as different aspects of the Palestinian narrative and experience. Israeli textbooks recognize Palestinian territories and cities and clearly mark them on maps.

With regards to Arab and Muslim minorities, the report found that textbooks promote a “clear message of tolerance and coexistence” as well as a “respectful representation of Arab and Muslim culture and heritage.”

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