Report: Iran Side Deals Becoming ‘Big Problem’ for the White House


kerry ernest mofizAgreements between Iran and the the IAEA about how to address the country’s troublesome nuclear past are a “big problem” for the White House, The Hill reported on Sunday, after lawmakers called to the have the documents disclosed.

The State Department has said these secret agreements are standard procedure between the IAEA and members of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which Iran signed but then violated.

Members of Congress insist that the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act — which sets in motion a 60-day review period ending in a vote on the general nuclear deal reached between world powers and Iran on July 14th — also covers the so-called side agreements between Iran and the IAEA, which are necessary for the implementation of the new international plan for the country’s nuclear program.

The side agreements address inter alia whether Iran’s nuclear program ever had military dimensions, which Iranian leaders religiously deny. The U.S. has said sanctions will not be lifted unless Iran complies with its commitments to the IAEA.

The White House said it would explain the contents of these understandings with lawmakers in private settings, but has yet to do so, according to The Hill.

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