Report: Iran Cancels Berlin Orchestra Performance Over ‘Illegitimate’ Israeli-Argentine Conductor


Daniel Barenboim’Iran has canceled a concert of Berlin’s Philharmonic orchestra set to be led by renowned Jewish conductor Daniel Barenboim because of his “illegitimate” Israeli citizenship, a BBC reporter revealed on Twitter.

BBC correspondent Hadi Nili said a spokesperson for the Iranian Culture Ministry announced the cancellation. The official added said there is “no room in Iran for artists related to the Zionist regime.”

Nili told The Algemeiner that news of the cancellation has been confirmed by Iran.

Barenboim, the general music director of the Berlin State Opera and its orchestra, the Staatskapelle, announced this week his plan to take Germany’s top orchestra to Iran for a concert, possibly during Chancellor Merkel’s upcoming visit in October. His decision sparked outrage and protests from Israel, which lobbied the German government against the visit, The Guardian reported.

Barenboim, who moved to Israel from Argentina with his family when he was 9, has spent most of his career in Germany. He also holds Spanish and Argentinian citizenship.

The Israeli-Argentinian conductor has yet to comment on the cancellation of the concert.

The Algemeiner



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