Report: Hillary May Have Had Second Server


hillary-clintonDiscrepancies regarding when emails were erased from Hillary Clinton’s private server have raised questions of whether the former secretary of state had a device other than the one that was recently obtained by the FBI.

“There’s pretty definite time stamps when you move information from one computer to another,” Marcus Rogers, head of computer information technology at Purdue University, told The Washington Examiner on Shabbos. “Somebody knows exactly when this happened because those time stamps are there.”

Platte River Networks, the Denver-based company that managed Clinton’s email network after she left the State Department in 2013, told the Examiner earlier this month that it had transferred the data from Clinton’s original private server later that year.

A Platte River attorney said then that “no useful data” likely remained on the server.

However, the Clinton campaign has suggested that the Democratic front-runner did not erase emails she decided were personal until this past January.

The disclosure raised questions regarding where the emails were located when they were reviewed by her staff to determine which ones were related to her four years as the nation’s top diplomat, the Examiner reports.

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  1. One thing I don’t understand. She was able to examine 60,000 emails (or whatever number ) and determine they weren’t pertinent and delete them as soon as the subject came up the state department, however is taking months and plenty of people to examine the other 60,000.

    Maybe we should do like obama did with Iran’s inspection and just let her examine them herself?


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