Report: Hillary Clinton Told Maid to Print Classified Info


The New York Post reports that Hillary Clinton’s maid, Marina Santos, was routinely instructed to print out emails containing sensitive and classified information, even though she lacked the necessary security clearance:

Clinton entrusted far more than the care of her DC residence, known as Whitehaven, to Santos. She expected the Filipino immigrant to handle state secrets, further opening the Democratic presidential nominee to criticism that she played fast and loose with national security.

Clinton would first receive highly sensitive e-mails from top aides at the State Department and then request that they, in turn, forward the messages and any attached documents to Santos to print out for her at the home.

Among other things, Clinton requested Santos print out drafts of her speeches, confidential memos and “call sheets” — background information and talking points prepared for the secretary of state in advance of a phone call with a foreign head of state.

The New York Post goes on to quote various Clinton emails in which Clinton aides asked Santos to print sensitive and classified documents. This was such a common practice that the aides always referred to “Marina” by her first name. Read more at Breitbart.




  1. Can someone please placate the sailor in prison for ” mishandling ” classified information and explain to him that Hillary is just to important to lock up for such petty considerations

  2. I’d like to see ABC and CBS etc. report this story – not just Fox!
    THe Fox news outlet is solely sold on anti Hillary stuff so its tackiness is not as good as if the others were to carry the story. But what could you expect!

  3. ” at this point what difference does it make ”
    The Liberals have a very big brooms to sweep all the garbage under the rug when it comes to the crookedness you’ll never hear one word about cronyism but let them catch a Republican with any seeming impropriety and they’re all over it

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