Reform Jews Accuse Movement’s Head Of ‘Divisive’ Leadership Over J Street Issue


reform-jewsMore than 40 Reform Jews accused the head of the movement’s umbrella organization of “divisive” leadership over his threat to pull out of the Conference of Presidents of American Jewish Organizations after the Conference rejected J Street’s membership application.

Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) President Rabbi Rick Jacobs, a former member of J Street’s Rabbinic Cabinet, stated following the Conference’s April 30 vote, “We may choose to advocate for a significant overhaul of the Conference of Presidents’ processes. We may choose to simply leave the Conference of Presidents. But this much is certain: We will no longer acquiesce to simply maintaining the facade that the Conference of Presidents represents or reflects the views of all of American Jewry.”

An advertisement signed by 41 Reform Jews that appears in this week’s edition of the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles says, “We warned you Rabbi Rick Jacobs would be a divisive leader. We told you that he would use his position to bolster the anti-Israel J Street. … But we did not know quite how divisive Rabbi Jacobs would be. We did not expect that when he failed to persuade the Conference of Presidents to accept J Street as a major Jewish organization-which it is not-he would threaten to take URJ out of the Conference and ask others to leave, too, over differences about Israel foreign policy.”

“The URJ needs to hear from you: Tell Rabbi Jacobs to return to what he was hired to do,” says the ad, which was paid for by a group called Jewish Against Divisive Leadership.

URJ was among the 17 Conference of Presidents member groups that voted in favor of J Street’s application. Twenty-two Conference members voted against J Street, which had needed 34 affirmative votes to join the 50-member Conference.


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  1. Pockets are so big that they can not even move sometimes. The reform are more like a stage coach. Sometimes they go somewhere in their moods and sometimes they just circle the wagons.

    Ultimately, I think that this is of course a bit like the walrus sleeping with the penguin.
    No one really cares.

    Sleep well, reform jews. Torah is not going to change for your whims.

    Never Again.

  2. He isn’t the one being divisive – if Reform want to be “open minded” about breaking every mitzvah in the Torah, when one of their members opposes Zionism (which was the reform position until 1967) they should be open minded – this proves that they aren’t really open minded

  3. It is time for our Reform brothers and sisters to ask which defines their identity their being Jews and part of a broader Jewish people that enjoys an affinity with the Land of Israel Or are they simply liberals of Jewish descent whose ethnicity is at best contorted to conform with their ideological orthodoxy, nebach

  4. Reform Jews = Those are *Jews who were duped into believing that the phonies who call themselves “Reform Rabbis” are practicing Judaism.

    Reform is not Judaism.

    *(Real Jews whose mothers were Jewish or who converted according to Halocho. Not the phony Jews who never converted or who have a Jewish father and a Goya mother)

  5. Most reform jews are from expedited communities who are aiming for personal worth and personal gain as well as hopefully protection of their own fortune, fame and posterity. Unfortunately, they see that common claims of easy living makes more difference than Torah blessings.

    Ultimately, reform society is not the claim against Hashem that they seem to be, but the reality is that G-d is not an entity of limited adventure.

    So if you like Torah, as any jew should, you can not conceivably conduct yourself with the reform.

    Ultimately, Torah is not going to be able to be seen in its full glory in any reform community, but for the innocent, there may indeed be some lessons in life and even possibly some Torah experiences that start in the early stages of life in a reform community and hopefully as the child becomes an adult, he will become a True Torah Jew as he learns his vows to G-d and his ways as a Jew.


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