Rav Shmuel Rozovsky zt”l, On His 30th Yahrtzeit, Today


rav-shmuel-rozovsky-and-rav-zalman-rotbergToday is the 30th yahrtzeit of Rav Shmuel Rozovsky zt”l, rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Ponovezh.  Rav Shmuel born in Grodna to Rav Michel Dovid, rov of Grodna for 40 years, and Sarah Pearl, daughter of Rav Avraham Gelburd, who had served as Grodna’s previous rov for almost 50 years. At a very young age, he began to study in the Shaar HaTorah Yeshivah of Grodna, under Rav Shimon Shkop, eventually becoming his talmid muvhak.

In 1935, his father was niftar, and the gedolei Torah urged Rav Shmuel to succeed him. However, he was drafted into the Russian army and moved to Eretz Yisrael. There he began studying in the Lomza Yeshivah in Petach Tikvah. In 1944, Rav Yosef Shlomo Kahaneman, the Ponovezher Rov, opened the Ponovezh Yeshivah and chose Rav Shmuel, only 30 at the time, to head the yeshivah. Later on, he was joined by Rav Dovid Povarsky and Rav Elazar Menachem Man Shach. Subsequently, he was asked by Rav Kahaneman to head the newly founded Grodna Yeshiva in Ashdod.

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  1. Before Assuming his position in Ponevesz he was a Maggid Shiur in lubavitch Kfar Chabad and only left due to their inability to provide a stable parnoso for him and his family. Aside from the prominence of Ponevesz in the Yeshiva world from a scholarly perspective they have always been known to pay consistently on time.

    History cant be edited. That just compromises its historical truth.


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