Rachmastrivka Rebbe to Heyer: “You could ask everyone to vote for you, in my name”


john-heyer-rachmastrivke-rebbe[Photos below.] In Boro Park yesterday, City Council candidate John Heyer met with a group of yeshiva administrators and pledged to advocate for Boro Park’s children at City Hall.

“For too long, our representatives have focused only on public schools,” said Heyer. “But every child is important to me. The people of Boro Park are struggling to make ends meet and educate their children, and as a councilmember I would act to help them.”

Heyer also met with the Rachmastrivka Rebbe, who said, “You could ask everyone to vote for you, in my name.”

Heyer proposed an across-the-board tax education credit in order to help parents bear the burden of tuition costs. He also pledged to find a solution to the problem of bus transportation to and from yeshivos, which are underserved by public transportation. Finally, Heyer told the administrators he would fight the City’s efforts to deny “Priority 7” vouchers to families in need of day care and after-school programs.

“Too many politicians act like private school is just a choice for wealthy people,” said Heyer. “That’s simply not true in this community. I will work hard every day to help create an environment where yeshivos, parents, and students can learn, thrive, and grow.”

John Heyer is running for City Council in the 39th District.

Askonim and yeshiva adminustrators who met with Heyer included representatives of Ger, Belz, Bobov, Yeshiva Chasan Sofar, Bais Yaakov of 18th Avenue, Vizhnitz, Rav Chesed, Beis Makah, Boro Park JCC, Yeshiva Ketaneh of Bensonhurst, Stolin. Sanz-Klausenburg, and others.

To view photos of the meeting, see below:

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


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