Rabbi Looks for Ban On Certain Products After Woman Mistakenly Eats Chometz


pesach-cakeKosher-for-Pesach products that resemble chometzdike products should be banned during the Yom Tov, said Rabbi Yuval Sherlo, head of the Hesder Yeshiva in Petach Tikva and one of the founders of the Tzohar rabbinical organization. In a Q&A session on the yeshiva’s website, one visitor recounted how her hosts at an event on Motzoei Shabbos had not noticed that a particular product was not kosher for Pesach.”We visited my in-laws, observant Jews who follow the laws of kashrus,” she wrote. “After we ate from a cake produced by Elite, I looked at the ingredients and to my surprise, noticed that it contained wheat flour. Needless to say, we didn’t find a kosher-for-Pesach sign on the box once we searched.”

“My mother-in-law said she hadn’t noticed and that the product had been on the kosher-for-Pesach rack in the supermarket,” the writer continued.

In response, Rabbi Sherlo wrote that a prohibition on eating products similar to chometz is required and is more important than many other regulations surrounding Pesach, which he said are sometimes ‘silly’.

“Of course, it’s important to check each and every product purchased for Pesach, but also I think that Elite products for Pesach look too similar to those containing chometz.”

“As such, it is important to make a distinction in order to avoid such incidents,” he said.

“There is something totally unreasonable in the fact that we don’t eat kitniyos (legumes), which actually have no significance for the chag and which we do only out of custom (which is important), and through the back door allow things that are much more severe.”

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel/Ynet}



  1. its about time someone is trying to put a ban on these foods. pesach is not a time to even think of having chometz in your mouth and then we go ahead and try to mimick these foods,and then you never know that the worker in the store(a non jewish worker, of course!!)might put something chometz’dik in the pesach aisles.i think its time to learn a lesson and STOP MAKING THESE FOODS FOREVER!!!!

  2. to shmuly,
    i absolutely agree with your positin on this matter, its time to take these “kosher-for-passover” mimicks cakes, snacks, sodas, etc.off the market completley and not to be seen again!!!

  3. This is why our local kashrus organization urges consumers to check the hechsher of each product. Maybe there’s a middle ground.

  4. You should look for pesadich hechsher on every product you buy. Considering they make non pesadich matzah, how can you make an assumption about anything?

  5. each person must learn to check things out themselves, from kashrus of food to health [VNishmatem Meod L’Nofshosaychem] & though this does not obsolve the store owner/manager not the Hoshgocho, the buck stops with the consumer.

    If a Yid wants to be from the “Chamushim” He has to take precautions himself/herself & not rely on what other frum/chareide are doing !!

    Remember at least 80% died in Makas Choshech.
    Don’t live in the Choshech !!

  6. I guess we shouldn’t bake cakes from scratch either if they’re so tasty they evoke comments like, “I’d eat them even after Pesach”?


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